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Data-Driven Segmentation in Financial Inclusion

How financial services providers can use data analytics to better segment and serve customers

Financial services providers can improve their businesses by using segmentation to develop a more accurate understanding of their customers. Segmentation can benefit providers in many ways:

  • Stronger and deeper customer relationships.
  • Improved product uptake.
  • Greater awareness of new product opportunities.
  • Flexibility and agility to adapt to customers’ needs.

This guide shows providers how they can use data analytics to understand their customers by performing more complex analyses and extracting insights that were previously hidden as well as how they can clean up and use this data to segment customers in powerful ways. It also explains how providers can leverage a qualitative understanding of their customers to analyze the data available to them and gain useful customer insights.

About this Publication

By Maria Fernandez Vidal, Dean Caire , Fernando Barbon