Step-By-Step: How to Set-up, Run, and Evaluate a Voucher Program

How to ensure the success of voucher training programs?
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This paper is a step-by-step guide for practitioners who wish to design and implement voucher training programs. The paper draws from the experiences of actual voucher programs from seven countries.

It highlights critical conditions for success for each stage of program development as listed below:

  • Implementing the decision of starting a voucher training program;
  • Defining target market of voucher programs;
  • Finding financing/funding support;
  • Assessing gaps of available training options;
  • Improving geographic outreach;
  • Establishing a sound governance structure;
  • Setting up rules and regulations with flexibility to allow new entrants;
  • Offering courses with flexibility to encourage new courses and streamlining procedures for course approval;
  • Identifying the right consumers to understand and detect fraudulent behavior early on;
  • Determining the value of vouchers;
  • Ensuring smooth running of the program;
  • Measuring performance to gauge the success or failure of the program;
  • Developing a sound exit strategy.

Finally, the authors mention additional reading material for accessing detailed information on the individual programs.

About this Publication

By Fitzgerald, L. & Goldmark, L.