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Data-Driven Segmentation in Financial Inclusion

How financial services providers can use data analytics to better segment and serve customers

Using Satellite Data in Financial Inclusion

How service providers can use satellite data and advanced analytics techniques to reach customers

Credit Scoring in Financial Inclusion

How to use advanced analytics to build credit-scoring models that increase access

The Role of Financial Services in Youth Education and Employment

Key insights for policy makers on the role of financial services in youth education and employment
FinDev Blog

Are Refugees Too Risky for Financial Inclusion?

Large numbers of vulnerable communities continue to flee their home countries due to war and conflict. Settling in refugee camps, they are perceived by many financial institutions as too risky to serve. VisionFund International explores the opportunities and challenges in serving refugee communities in West Nile, Uganda.


Capturing Our Impact: Harnessing Innovation for Financial Inclusion

E-book showcasing stories, videos and photos that illustrate the impact of digital innovation
FinDev Webinar

Key Performance Indicators for PAYGo PERFORM: How Far We Have Come

This webinar recording shares progress-to-date made by the PAYGo PERFORM working groups to develop a reporting framework and set of key performance indicators for the PAYGo solar industry. 


Fintechs and Financial Inclusion

Looking past the hype and exploring their potential


API Pricing for Digital Financial Service Providers: Getting Started

Guide to defining pricing strategies for application programming interface (API) products

Smallholder Households: Distinct Segments, Different Needs

Building a strategy to reach and serve smallholder households