Legal Issues Pertaining to Non-Profit Organisations in India

How are non-profit organizations registered in India?
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This document provides guidelines for the registration of non-profit organizations (NPOs) in India. It states that:

  • In India, public charitable organizations can be registered as trusts, societies or section-25 companies;
  • They:
    • Are independent of the state;
    • Are self-governed by a board of trustees;
    • Produce benefits for others;
    • Are prohibited from making a profit.

The document:

  • Defines charitable purpose as well as public charitable purpose;
  • Describes the tax exemptions given to them;
  • Details the procedure of registration of the three types of NPOs.

The document also discusses:

  • The special licensing that NPOs may require;
  • The comparative features of the three organizational forms under the titles of:
    • Statute/legislation;
    • Jurisdiction;
    • Registration;
    • Main document;
    • Stamp duty;
    • Number of individuals required to form the organization;
    • Board of management;
    • Mode of succession on the Board.

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