QUIP: Understanding Clients through In-depth Interviews

In-depth individual interviews to assess impact of microfinance services
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The practice note describes QUIP (Qualitative in-depth individual impact assessment protocol), a methodology that can help microfinance institutions (MFIs) better understand their clients through market research or impact assessment. The paper details the usefulness of QUIP that uses in-depth interviews with individuals, since it can:

  • Provide useful information about the MFI products and services;
  • Allow detailed dialogue with the clients about the effects of these services;
  • Highlight variations in impact for different types of clients;
  • Show links between service use and impact;
  • Be a simple and inexpensive method over a short period of time.Further, the paper draws on pilot studies in Zambia and Peru and provides a step-by-step guide to:
    • Develop and conduct in-depth interviews;
    • Analyze the information;
    • Draw conclusions for informed decision making.

The paper details ten steps that cover planning, data collection, analysis and presentation of findings to enable better planning of the interview and data-collection process:

  • Deciding on the type of data needed;
  • Deciding on who carries out the work;
  • Identifying baseline information to track changes;
  • Selecting sample for qualitative interviews;
  • Designing a semi-structured interview schedule;
  • Preparing interviews;
  • Creation of appropriate setting for conducting interviews;
  • Analysis and interpretation of narrative data;
  • Conversion of qualitative data into quantitative information through an impact scoring system;
  • Proper usage of data for service improvement.

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