Tajikistan Law on Microfinance Organizations

Regulating legal and organizational grounds for microfinance activity and the microfinance market
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This law regulates the legal and organizational grounds for microfinance activity with a view to form and develop the market of microfinance services and entrepreneurship in the Republic of Tajikistan .It is divided into 10 chapters that discuss:

  • General provisions, such as:
    • Basic terms;
    • Relations of the microfinance organizations (MOs) with the State and the National Bank of Tajikistan.
  • The founding of an MO, including:
    • Necessary documents, name and branches;
    • The reorganization, liquidation and state registration of an MO.
  • Statutory capital, property and interest rates on micro loans, and:
    • Relations between MOs and clients.
  • The licensing of microcredit deposit organizations (MDOs) and (MOs) as well as:
    • Grounds for denial/cancellation of a license.
  • The operations of microcredit deposit organizations, including:
    • Qualification requirements of senior executives;
    • Methods to avoid conflicts of interest;
    • Procedures for share transfer.
  • The regulation and supervision of MDOs, specifying:
    • The supervisory body;
    • Its methods of supervision.
  • The procedures of accounting and reporting, including:
    • The submission and publication of reports.
  • The procedure of certification of a an MO, including:
    • Documents necessary;
    • Grounds for denial of a certificate.
  • The differences between the operations of micro lending organizations and micro lending foundations;
  • Closing provisions, such as:
    • The audit;
    • Confidentiality;
    • Settlement of disputes, etc.

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