Resource Booklet CFPR-II Evaluation

Presenting an evaluation framework to measure impact of a poverty reduction program in Bangladesh

This resource book presents an outline of the research framework and evaluation design of the second phase of Challenging the Frontiers of Poverty Reduction (CFPR- II) started in 2007. It describes the program and the innovations included in the second phase. It presents a profile of the target population, an overview of different intervention models and the selection process.Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC) launched CFPR in 2002 with a complete package of supports targeting the ultra poor. CFPR-II started in 2007. It is larger in scale and scope. The research in the second phase builds on the evaluation done during the first phase and aims to get a more precise and broader assessment of impact.The evaluation strategy probes the following three themes:

  • Mapping welfare dynamics across wealth categories in different parts of Bangladesh that are covered by the CFPR II program;
  • Investigating the ways in which these dynamics are affected by CFPR II program and the extent of the resulting changes in the lives of ultra poor;
  • Measuring indirect effects of the program on the community and the mechanisms through which these effects take place.

About this Publication

By Sulaiman, M. & Gulesci, S.