MFI Performance Report 2011

Measuring the financial performance of Caribbean microfinance practitioners
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This report provides a broad assessment of the size and financial performance of the Caribbean Microfinance Alliance (CMFA) membership, together with benchmarks taken from the Latin America and Caribbean region. It is based on the financial statements and statistical information of 12 institutions. The report provides the assessment on indicators that are categorized into the following groups: institutional size, growth, financial ratios, social indicators, and microcredit portfolio. The report makes the following observations:

  • Year-to-year growth in assets, deposits and gross loan portfolio has been much slower for CMFA members compared to the growth rates registered by the peer group in the region;
  • Average deposit balance for CMFA members stood at USD 903, compared to USD 666 for the group of comparison in the region;
  • CMFA MFI members showed an operational self-sufficiency of 132.9% which is far above the regional benchmark of 111.7%;
  • Portfolio at risk (PAR30) stood at 11.9%, which is far above the regional benchmark of 4.5% and the industry standard of 5%;
  • Return on assets (ROA) was 5.6% compared to 1.6% for credit unions and 1.8% for all institutions in the region;
  • Women accounted for 53.9% of the client/member base among CMFA institutions. This compared to 48.1% for credit unions and 58.6% for all institutions in the region.

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