Report on the Remittance Agenda of the G20

Suggesting guidelines for the G20 countries to leverage remittances
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This report summarizes efforts by G20 countries to meet their international targets pertaining to remittances. It analyzes steps taken to make remittance transfers more efficient, safer, and cheaper. It also reviews the options available to enhance the impact of remittances on poverty reduction through financial inclusion. Further, the report suggests a list of possible actions that G20 countries could adopt in the short, medium, and long term by focusing on actions that are specific, clear, and underpinned by a results framework. It covers the following topics in detail:

  • Involvement of the international community and the G20 in the area of remittances;
  • Actions adopted by the G20 in the area of remittances;
  • Progress of the G20 in the area of remittances with a focus on achievements and lessons learned;
  • Future G20 actions on remittances with an identification of important focus areas;
  • Measures that can be undertaken to expand the work undertaken in the reform of the global market for remittances.

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