Making a Difference: 2013 Impact Report

Impact evaluation and client segmentation of Friendship Bridge's programs in Guatemala

This paper presents the results of the monitoring and evaluation activities undertaken by Friendship Bridge in 2013 and provides critical information on improving their programs. Friendship Bridge is an organization that primarily serves indigenous women in rural Guatemala through a combination of small business loans and basic education. The paper classifies the organization’s clients in three different groups: poor, vulnerable, and extremely vulnerable and evaluates how each group reacts to unforeseen shocks. It also examines whether clients learn new skills, gain confidence, and participate in a larger support network because of their participation in Friendship Bridge’s program. Based on detailed surveys, the paper covers the following sections:

  • Characteristics of different client groups with a focus on their educational attainment, size of family, health, and living conditions;
  • Impact on poverty with a focus on impact on savings and income, sources of repayment, and use of loans;
  • Impact on social empowerment of clients and a discussion of women as agents of change;
  • Classification and discussion of clients as dreamers, entrepreneurs, and leaders;
  • Strategic plan of the organization for the period 2014-2016;
  • Social performance management at the organization with a focus on their achievements, activities, and people.

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