Facilitating the Market for Capacity Building Services

Discussing the market for capacity building of financial service providers
This paper aims to develop on the ideas discussed in the 2013 CGAP publication Facilitating Market Development to Advance Financial Inclusion. It addresses the capacity issues faced by retail financial service providers and covers three general scenarios for capacity building services. The paper also focuses on the approaches that could be undertaken to facilitate the development of such markets.  It covers the following sections in detail:
  • Market development approach to analyze and make adjustments in dynamic markets;
  • Types of capacity building services and their commercial viability;
  • Markets with: little demand for services,  weak supply of services, and weak support functions and enabling environment;
  • Considerations for market building with a discussion on sustainability, leadership, and human development.

About this Publication

By El-Zoghbi, M. & Lauer, K.