Pakistan FII Survey Wave 1 Report

Assessing the use of digital financial services in Pakistan
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This report aims to track access to and demand for financial services and the uptake of digital financial services (DFS) in Pakistan. It measures the adoption of DFS among key target groups and identifies drivers and barriers to further adoption. It also evaluates the performance of mobile money agents in the country. The analysis presented in the report is based on a nationally representative survey of 6,000 Pakistani adults, focus group discussions with mobile money users and nonusers, and interviews with mobile money agents. Key insights include:

  • For payments, a preference for cash and informal financial services currently prevails;
  • Around 8% of Pakistani adults have a registered digital stored-value account and 7% of Pakistanis are registered bank account holders;
  • Significant gaps exist between urban/rural, by poverty level, and by gender in terms of holding bank accounts;
  • Almost 94% of the respondents who use mobile money services have not registered their own accounts, and prefer to conduct transactions through an agent’s account;
  • Nearly 80% of Pakistanis have access to mobile phones;
  • For each mobile money offering, television is the primary source of people’s awareness of the product.

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