Microfinance India: The Social Performance Report 2014

Landscaping the microfinance sector of India with respect to social performance
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This report collates and presents comprehensive research-based information and documents social performance data and initiatives of microfinance players in the country. It is based on case studies and analysis of available information on practices and social performance indicators that the microfinance sector in India is attempting to integrate into its operations. The report captures the essence of policy, strategy, and practice elements of social performance in the sector and examines the different approaches of various stakeholders to the issue of improving consumer protection and customer welfare. It highlights the role of lenders and investors and the need for their participation for institutionalizing responsible finance practices. The report also takes stock of governance practices in MFIs and provides insights into what MFIs measure, review, and use for redesign of their business models in relation to responsible finance. It covers the following sections in detail:

  • Background of responsible inclusive finance;
  • Financial inclusion through business correspondents;
  • Measuring and reporting social performance;
  • Governance for responsible finance;
  • Measuring and monitoring client indebtedness;
  • Financial inclusion in North-east India;
  • Insuring the lives and livelihoods of vulnerable segments;
  • Implications of policy and regulation on the microfinance sector;
  • Evaluation of whether customers will occupy the central stage in the microfinance sector.

About this Publication

By Srinivasan, G.