Usage and Dormancy

How can financial service providers achieve higher rates of usage from youth?

This paper is one in a series of four Promising Practices Briefs written and commissioned by the SEEP Network’sYouth and Financial Services Working Group. These documents explore innovations and address operational issues in the promotion of effective financial services for youth. 

Although they represent a large potential market, the integration of youth into the formal financial system is still a relatively new concept in many countries. Access is limited by a lack of financial education, restrictive government policies, inadequate financial products, and limited awareness among Financial Service Providers (FSPs) of how to include youth in their portfolios.

The continued expansion of youth financial inclusion requires that dormancy be understood and addressed effectively. This paper presents innovative and impactful ways in which financial service providers (FSPs) can achieve higher rates of usage from youth by tackling the following questions:

  • Why do institutions care about this issue?
  • What is specific about youth dormancy?
  • What levers can stimulate usage?
  • What factors help or hinder youth in fully utilizing financial products?

About this Publication

By Fleury, M. , Fofana, M.