Health Microinsurance: An Inclusive Approach

Developing suitable health financing options for low-income families

Health microinsurance can provide a critical financial safety net for low-income families and prevent them from becoming vulnerable to the risks of health calamities. Unfortunately, most health insurance products offered by commercial insurers are just scaled down versions of their mainstream products. They do not account for the distinct health financing needs of the low-income population.

Women’s World Banking began designing its flagship microinsurance product Caregiver in 2006 with network member Microfund for Women (MfW), one of the largest microfinance institutions in Jordan with more that 120,000 clients, mostly women. Since then, Women’s World Banking has worked with network members in Peru, Egypt, Morocco, Uganda and India to develop similar health insurance products that respond to the different stakeholder needs and contexts in these countries. Women’s World Banking works directly with financial institutions to help them deliver health insurance solutions that are simple, affordable and relevant for low-income clients’ needs, especially women.

This publication outlines Women’s World Banking’s approach to developing inclusive health microinsurance products in varied markets. The insights derived from this work guide the first two pillars of the product development process: Product Design and Marketing & Consumer Education.