Agents of Change: Impact Investment Report 2016

Accomplishing positive environmental and social change around the world

This report chronicles Finance in Motion’s (FIM’s) initiatives and programs on five continents and the people who have helped make them successful. Among the host of landmark projects, topics featured in the report include:

  • Finance in Motion’s increased commitment to financial inclusion through an equity stake in a firm offering a core banking system as a cloud solution;
  • How the company supported construction of the first wind farm in the Caucasus;
  • One employee’s personal campaign to keep kids in school in her hometown.

Seen through the eyes of employees, company partners, and those receiving support from investments and other measures, the stories highlight how FIM and the funds it advises promote job creation, entrepreneurship, and access to finance for private households and micro, small, and medium enterprises in low- and middle-income countries in Europe and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). At the same time, the company and its funds are protecting biodiversity in Latin America and cutting energy consumption and CO2 emissions in Europe and MENA.  

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