2019 Finaccess Household Survey

Looking at the role of finance in helping people to meet their livelihood needs

This Financial Access (FinAccess) Household Survey 2019 is the fifth in a series of surveys that measure and track developments and dynamics in the financial inclusion landscape in Kenya from the demand–side. This follows the successful rollout of the 2006 baseline survey, and the subsequent FinAccess surveys of 2009, 2013 and 2016. The surveys constitute an important tool for providing better measurement and understanding of the financial inclusion landscape in four dimensions – Access, Usage, Quality and Impact/ Welfare.

The survey introduced new perspectives on measurement of financial inclusion by taking into consideration the improved usage dimension, needs based approach, and emerging innovations, while maintaining time series to track progress since 2006. It seeks to contribute to market development by providing better information to those who will shape the future of the sector—policymakers and regulators, industry players, analysts and researchers and consumer groups.

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