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Platform Workers and Financial Services

Emerging findings and insights
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This slide deck is related to the CGAP blog, "How Can Financial Services Support Platform Workers?" (May 2021).

Digital platforms are proliferating around the world, including in mega-cities of Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America, where a rising middle class' consumption is matched with an aspirational class of workers providing them with services as wide ranging as restaurant deliveries, a ride to their destination, pedicures and a repaired air-conditioner. The services rendered may not be new, but the rise of these platforms globally and the promise of lucrative and flexible work for the workers, has shined a spotlight on these growing ecosystems in recent years. Concerns about worker rights and wages have been documented in the media and discussed by governments.

This deck synthesizes insights from a survey of existing literature and consultations with experts and highlights opportunities and risks for workers as well as gaps in the evidence base around the livelihoods of platform workers.


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By Claudia McKay, Olga Morawczynski, Gayatri Murthy & Maria Fernandez Vidal