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Drivers of Financial Services Innovation

This note presents the innovation drivers and competencies as key to developing innovative financial services that meet customer needs.

FinDev Webinar

The Role of Savings in Promoting Financial Health

Financial health is an emerging topic of research, advocacy and practice that aims to understand, measure, and ultimately improve the part of well-being that is associated with the financial life of individuals that we serve. This webinar examines if financial services, especially savings, contribute to the financial health of low-income clients and in what ways.

FinDev Blog

How Do Savings Contribute to Financial Health?

A meta-review leads to two mental shifts in approaches to savings research.

Case Study

Leading and Managing Change to Reach Low-Income Savers in Nigeria: A Case Study of LAPO MFB

This LAPO Microfinance Bank case study shares lessons from their experience in developing and implementing a change management program to underpin its launch of a savings product.


The Business Case for Linkage With Informal Savings

This note summarizes practices and lessons learned from the Savings at the Frontier program on providing funding and technical assistance to financial service providers.

FinDev Blog

Sharing the Risk: “Micro Equity” for Savings Groups

DreamStart Labs is re-thinking assumptions about how to design solutions for people in emerging economies, starting with a new product which aims to distribute risks more fairly.

Slide Deck

"Yes I Get It. Small Deposits Do Make Sense." - Lessons From a Pilot With Airtel Payments Bank on Client Communication

This slide deck charts the journey of a pilot on behavioral communication to encourage women to make small saving deposits.


Savings and Retail Banking in Africa: Unpacking the Customer Through Demand Side Data

This publication examines the challenges of finding and using data in African countries and takes the examples of three financial service providers who are already reaping the benefits of a transition to data-driven, customer-centric operations and product portfolios.


Savings and Financial Health

This meta-study explores findings from the savings literature that relate to the key elements used to define financial health, and explores whether they indicate that savings contribute to financial health.

FinDev Blog

The Power of Community-Based Organizations to Mobilize Farmers’ Savings

A Scale2Save project in Cote d’Ivoire shares what they’ve learned working with farmer cooperatives as financial agents.