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Humanitarian Aid Meets Fintech

Providing humanitarian aid in emergency situations is fraught with risks and challenges. Here are four ways fintech innovations are helping aid agencies streamline delivery and manage risks.

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Four Major Challenges Faced by Mobile Money Users in Senegal

As access to digital finance grows, so do the risks. A concrete action plan involving all stakeholders is needed to address them.


In Times of Crisis, Who Holds the Lifeline for Microfinance Institutions and Their Clients?

Youssef Fawaz of the Lebanese MFI Al Majmoua, shares the difficult reality of trying to keep an established institution running while the economy collapses around it.

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This paper investigates strategies of European microfinance institutions and inclusive fintech organizations to address financial and digital illiteracy among vulnerable customers.


This publication analyzes and illustrates some of the most interesting business models and innovations brought forward by fintech companies that have sought to address the common financing constraints associated with small-scale agriculture around the world.

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This guide points readers to relevant resources that shed light on rural women’s exposure to climate change and emerging solutions that help them adapt and build their resilience.

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Paper / Financial Access Initiative

What Win-Win Lost: Rethinking Microfinance Subsidy in the Past and Designing for the Future

This working paper calls for reclaiming the power and value of subsidy to accomplish policy goals in order for the future of social investment in microfinance to be more effective.

Slide Deck / Decodis / MicroSave Consulting (MSC)

Understanding Customers in Environments of Severe Climate-Related Weather Events

Findings from Nigeria and Bangladesh
Paper / CGAP

Supply-Side Gender Disaggregated Data for Advancing Financial Inclusion

Insights and areas for further research

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Hope and Big Dreams: Meet the Authors of Two Books on Bangladesh Microfinance Pioneers

In this webinar, we heard from the authors of two books who took us through the journey of microfinance and the story of BRAC and Grameen Bank, two innovative institutions that contributed to Bangladesh’s development and the spread of microfinance globally.

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