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Towards a More Sustainable Livelihood for Business Correspondent Agents

A new pilot explores the possibilities for agents in rural India to include assisted e-commerce among the services they offer.

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Coping Strategies of Financially Distressed Households

Which clients are most likely to draw down savings, borrow or sell off assets to deal with reduced income? This data can help MFIs find ways to make savings products easier to access, use and afford.


Finding Our Collective Direction Towards Women's Economic Empowerment

Aude de Montesquiou, Global Facilitator for FinEquity, discusses the community of practice's current work and future ambitions to support women.


FinDev Guide to Women's Financial Inclusion

International Women's Day is always an excellent time to take stock and review what we have learned over the last year on women's financial inclusion, as well as what we still need to work on. 

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This edition of SDG Progress provides extensive evidence-based examples of the benefits of digital financial services for the 13 relevant Sustainable Development Goals with a stronger focus on women and climate change.


This report considers evidence on how inclusive financial services can help vulnerable populations respond to climate change.

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Affordable financing is critical for Ukrainian agribusinesses as they support their fellow farmers and soldiers on the front lines.

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Paper / Better Than Cash Alliance

Scaling up Responsible Digital Payments in the Rwandan Tea Sector

This report proposes an approach for scaling digital payments in the Rwandan tea sector building on the evolving payments ecosystem.

Paper / FinEquity / Center for Global Development / Data2X

Women's Economic Empowerment (WEE) Measurement In Financial Inclusion

The Center for Global Development, Data2X, and FinEquity offer a set of indicators to promote a simplified and harmonized approach to measure WEE in the context of financial inclusion programs and initiatives

Paper / International Labour Organization (ILO)

Promoting Responsible Digital Wage Payments

This brief gives an overview of the different considerations to maximize the potential of digital wage payments to benefit workers, employers, and governments.

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Building Climate Resilience: What Can FSPs Do?

Financial inclusion can be a powerful tool to help the most vulnerable build resilience to the devastating impacts of climate change. This webinar (recording) looks at how financial service providers are approaching the issue of climate change with their clients.

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