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India’s Digital Divide Threatens the Progress of Financial Inclusion

There are three key challenges that need to be addressed to fulfill the promise of India's much-lauded digital public infrastructure, as mobile phones and internet access remain inaccessible for a significant segment of the population.

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Can Smartphone-Supported Behavioral Biometrics Advance Digital Financial Inclusion?

Behavioral biometrics, an emerging technology which uses AI and machine learning to examine behavioral patterns to authenticate users, presents the financial inclusion sector with exciting opportunities as well as challenges.


Resetting the Mindset Toward Investing in African Women Entrepreneurs

Eveline Tall, ambassador for AFAWA (Affirmative Finance Action for Women in Africa), shares why this initiative is necessary and how they are working to reduce the regional gender gap in financing.

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Guide / Toolkit

This toolkit provides practical guidance for regulators and remittance service providers on how to assess national regulatory environments to identify opportunities for innovation in know your customer and customer due diligence processes to enhance remittance access.


This paper addresses the need to reform the international development finance architecture in ways that expand access to affordable credit for women entrepreneurs in the Global South, especially in sub-Saharan Africa.

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There has never been a better moment in history to identify climate adaptation solutions and make the much-needed transition towards regenerative economic systems. Here are five key steps for financial service providers.

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Paper / CGAP

8 Billion Reasons: Inclusive Finance as a Catalyst for Climate Action

This paper is a call to action for climate practitioners and financial services stakeholders from across public, private, and philanthropic sectors to work together to unlock the full potential of financial inclusion for scaling grassroots climate action. 

Paper / European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP)

Implementing Financial Health: Creating Mutual Success for Financial Service Providers and Clients

Report from the e-MFP "From Research to Practice and Back Again" Action Group
Paper / CGAP

The Role of Data in Inclusive Insurance

This paper identifies five ways in which data trails are being leveraged by private sector actors, including insurance carriers and technology providers, to offer “inclusive insurance” for low-income and other excluded segments, such as rural small-holder farmers and gig workers.

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Paths (and Potholes) Ahead

This webinar presented findings and themes in the e-MFP Financial Inclusion Compass 2024, which features new questions on fraud, biodiversity, reputation, missed opportunities and even what "financial inclusion" actually means: is it, beyond re-branding, meaningfully different from "microfinance"? 

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