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Top Ten Publications of 2021

What was the FinDev community reading over the past year?
Betel nut harvest, Bangladesh.

Over the past year, we added nearly 400 new publications to the FinDev libraries in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic. Many of these publications were sent in by you - members of our community.  

In this blog post, we share the publications which received the most downloads in 2021 so you can get an idea of what the FinDev community was reading during the year. But keep in mind that the number of downloads can depend on many factors, including the publication date, whether there was an event or a blog post associated with the publication and whether the authors and publishers promoted it widely.

That’s why we'd like to hear from you. Did your favorite publications make it to our list? If not, which publications did you read in 2021 that influenced how you think about an issue or aspect of financial inclusion? Share your list with us in the comment section below. If we get enough responses, we'll make a list of reader-recommended publications and share it back with you. And if your favorite publication is not on FinDev, please send it to us

Enabling Women’s Financial Inclusion through Digital Financial Literacy

A synthesis of FinEquity members’ insights

Measuring Women’s Economic Empowerment in Financial Inclusion

A mapping of relevant measurement tools

PAYGo PERFORM: Financial, Operational, and Portfolio Quality KPIs for the PAYGo solar Industry

This technical guide, offers the PAYGo solar industry a standardized set of key performance indicators (KPIs) which allow companies to track, benchmark, and improve performance while presenting a more accessible profile to investors. The PAYGo PERFORM KPIs were developed by CGAP, GOGLA, and IFC Lighting Global in consultation with some 600 investors.

Financial Diaries: Financial Health of Low and Medium-Income Households During COVID-19 Pandemic

In order to understand how low and moderate income people were doing during the COVID-19 pandemic, BRAC Microfinance conducted financial diaries research with 273 households from different earning categories.

A Policy Framework for Women-Led MSME Access to Finance

Financing insights on women-led MSMEs from emerging markets

Digital Finance and Inclusion in the Time of COVID-19

A look at opportunities and risks associated with the surge in uptake and use of digital financial services

CGAP Smallholder Household Data: Analysis and Insights from the National Surveys and Financial Diaries

Insights for FSPs to develop products that help customers manage risks in their day-to-day lives

PAYGo Accounting Brief

This slide deck presents a review of accounting practices in the PAYGo sector with the goal of increasing awareness and transparency of the different accounting treatments used in PAYGo firms and their impact on financial reporting.

State of Digital Payments in the Philippines - Highlights Report (2021 edition)

This highlights report captures the progress of payments digitalization in the Philippines in 2019 and the first half of 2020.

Fintech and Financial Inclusion: A Funders' Guide to Greater Impact

This practical guide, based on two years of global research, describes how development funders can identify promising fintechs and maximize their impact.

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