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Does Informal Finance Still Matter?

Informal Savings Mechanisms (ISMs) have long been important to many people’s day-to-day money management across Africa. But as formal financial services become much more prevalent in the region, what will happen to these ISMs? Will they fall by the wayside as the digital revolution takes over? 
FinDev Blog

Getting It Right: Learning About Savings

Five key questions we have (partially) answered so far at the Savings Learning Lab
FinDev Interview

Are Savings Groups for Vulnerable Populations a Good Idea?

The Gateway sat down with Sybil Chidiac of Grameen Foundation to discuss what works and what doesn't when tailoring savings groups to serve vulnerable populations. 
FinDev Blog

Being Smart About Mobile Money

A case study with two financial service providers in Burkina Faso explores seven risks involved in bringing savings groups into digital finance.