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How Do We Measure Financial Health?

In the third post of our blog series on financial health, we explore how capturing the essence of this multi-dimensional concept takes us beyond standard measures of financial access or income.
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The World Is Mobile, Why Isn’t Our Data?

Over 164 million migrant workers make a living in a foreign country, and almost 26 million refugees have been forced to flee due to conflict. Unfortunately, while migrant workers are on the move, their data is not, often preventing them from accessing financial services or better jobs. Developing a digital identity system is one potential solution to this problem.
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More Data for a More Accountable Financial Inclusion Industry

Facts and figures tell us the full story of financial and social results and allow us to compare that story to those of our peers. The ATLAS data platform is a new initiative to help tell those stories, consolidating data on pricing, client protection, and social and financial performance.
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Unlocking Capital in Financial Services for the Poor

While the financial inclusion sector has changed drastically over the last twenty years, a familiar challenge has returned: information asymmetry. So MIX’s strategic shifts to refocus on data initiatives in fintech, digital and agricultural finance - and other frontier sectors to come - are a welcome development for the entire financial inclusion community.
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Financial Inclusion in Paradise

There are currently no Pacific Island Countries included in the Global Findex Database. So how does the Pacific stack up to the Global Findex?
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Want to Close the Gender Gap in Financial Inclusion? Close the Gender Data Gap First

Data2X calls on key global bodies to recognize the importance of sex-disaggregated data, after attending AFI's Global Policy Forum earlier this month.
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Diving Into Data on Smallholder Families

Until now, reliable data on the financial lives of smallholder families has been scarce. Three new tools from CGAP, Insight2Impact, MIX and One Acre Fund shed light on this massive untapped market for financial services.
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New Global Findex: What You Need to Know

The latest Findex shows global progress on access to financial services, but it also illustrates challenges in reaching marginalized groups and increasing usage.
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What's New in Financial Inclusion: 2017 Global Findex Data

Want to brush up on your financial inclusion facts? Take this quiz and explore the latest trends with fresh data from “The Global Findex Database 2017: Measuring Financial Inclusion and the Fintech Revolution.”
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The Story of Her: Gender Insights from FinScope

FinScope’s layered approach to data collection and analysis allows us to explore women’s empowerment at the individual, household, and community levels.