Financial Inclusion in Croatia

Croatia is a country in Europe and Central Asia. On this country page, you can find key financial inclusion knowledge resources and data available specifically for Croatia, including the latest publications, news and events. 

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Key Financial Inclusion Data

The charts below, based on the latest available Global Findex data, explore key financial inclusion trends in Croatia. Find out how the country compares to others in the region and across the globe on important aspects of financial inclusion such as account ownership and usage, the gender disparity in financial inclusion and financial resilience.

Account Ownership

Percent of adults age 15+ with an account at a financial institution or through a mobile money provider.

Source: Global Findex Database

Gender Gap in Account Ownership

Percent of adults age 15+ with an account.

Source: Global Findex Database

Use of Financial Services

Percent of adults age 15+.

Source: Global Findex Database

Survey findings on youth financial literacy, money management and attitudes

Analyzing available savings products and financial education programs for youth

Strengthening financial consumer protection and financial literacy in emerging markets