CGAP Smallholder Families Data Hub

Smallholder families make up one of the largest potential markets for financial services in many developing countries, but reliable data on their financial and agricultural lives are scarce. Through simple, interactive data visualizations, the CGAP Smallholder Families Data Hub puts at providers’ fingertips more than 300,000 data points from CGAP’s demand-side smallholder research, enabling them to look for promising business opportunities to develop products and serve these families.

Income sources of smallholder households

Income sources of smallholder households

The CGAP Smallholder Families Data Hub features:

  • Interactive dashboards showing how smallholders in each of the six countries earn and spend money, use financial services and their attitudes toward providers, as well as showing poverty levels, crops and livestock, and agricultural markets in those countries.
  • Links to in-depth resources, including country-by-country analyses of the survey data, full data sets and questionnaires from the surveys, and financial diaries for three markets, Mozambique, Tanzania and Pakistan.