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Informed Design: A Case Study Series (Lucy)

Insights from Lucy
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Good design can mean the difference between a woman using digital financial services (DFS) or not. It is a crucial part of every stage of the customer journey – not just for user interfaces or marketing approaches. Despite its importance, DFS design doesn’t always consider women’s lives and realities, resulting in low adoption and usage of products and services. This is one of several case studies looking at the role of design in DFS for women across South Africa, India, Uganda, and other geographies – focusing on examples where research findings have translated into design that has eased and encouraged women’s use of DFS.

In the second study of this series, we examine DFS design by Lucy, a neobank for entrepreneurial women—specifically Foreign Domestic Workers in Singapore—providing DFS and business-building tools and training through a mobile app to help them start and grow their businesses. 

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By Catherine Highet