Building Value in Microfinance Through Digitization: A Role for Funders

Although significant resources have been invested in digitization efforts, successful digital transformations are still uncommon. This advocacy note aims to discuss the digital transformation of microfinance institutions (MFIs) and underline the crucial role that funders play in supporting this transformation. The goal is to inform and inspire funders who are supporting or planning to support MFIs through digital implementation. Funders can support an incremental approach to microfinance digitization and increase the number of MFI digitization success stories by focusing on business intelligence and credit renewal automation. Regardless of the course of support they choose, funders play a key role in determining whether MFIs will continue to serve the most excluded and underserved customers in the future - a role that, so far, has been uncontested by other providers.

About this Publication

By Isabelle Barres, Ivo Jeník, Mark Flaming & Khin Moet Moet Nyein (Kay)