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Bridging the Gender Gap: Promoting Women’s Financial Inclusion

Guidance on tackling challenges in achieving gender parity in financial inclusion

Capital, Skills and the Economic Lives of the Poor: Recent Evidence From Field Experiments

Can relaxing capital and skills constraints transform the economic lives of poor women?
Case Study

Use of the Formal and Informal Financial Sectors: Does Gender Matter? Empirical Evidence from Rural Bangladesh

What is the relationship between formal and informal financial sectors and gender?

We Were In Fire, Now We Are In Water: Micro-Credit and Gender Relations in Rural Bangladesh

The role of microcredit in empowering women

Women's Empowerment in Bangladesh: Credit is Not a Panacea

How great is the impact of credit on women's empowerment?

From the Margin to the Mainstream - Microfinance Programmes and Women's Empowerment: The Bangladesh Experience

How has microfinance contributed to empowerment?