2009 MIX Global 100: Ranking of Microfinance Institutions

Analyzing MFIs'’ performance
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This MIX Global 100 Composite Ranking attempts to provide a composite picture of MFI performance, using attributes such as outreach, efficiency, and transparency. It views MFI performance through the lens of universal goals of a financially sound institution and expanding outreach to clients at the lowest possible cost.

The ranking methodology captures important trade-offs such as strong growth without compromising credit risk, improving efficiency without compromising portfolio quality, and expanding access while still offering an array of services.

The ranking intends to offer a starting point for analysis of institutions operating in the microfinance sector. Highlights include:

  • MFIs became more cautious in their lending as economic growth slowed down in several markets;
  • Changing operating conditions in 2008 caused stress for many MFIs;
  • Meeting the efficiency goal was elusive across the ranking,
  • NGOs across the board demonstrated better transparency compared to previous year’'s ranking;
  • Number of Indian MFIs in the top 100 doubled from 10 in the previous year to 20 in the current ranking;
  • Equador placed nearly 10 MFIs in the top 100;
  • Six MFIs with fewer than five years in business made the top 100 with their 2008 results.