Reaching Financial Equality for Women

A 10-point action plan for governments and businesses to rebuild stronger after COVID-19 by prioritizing women’s digital financial inclusion

The impact of COVID-19 has hit women and girls hard. The World Bank reports that 2021 will bring the first increase in extreme poverty since 1998, with a minimum of 71 million people expected to fall into destitution, and UN Women estimates that at least 47 million more women and girls will fall below the poverty line in 2021, with a minimum of 247 million women in extreme poverty.

Drawing on decades of experience, research and in-field activity, the following 10-point action plan to end financial inequality for women shares practical steps to help end the continued economic exclusion of half the world’s population and to build more resilient economies. As governments and companies take steps to repair economies, the 10 actions described in this report will ensure stronger, more resilient economies that build on the strengths of women and girls.

About this Publication

By Ruth Goodwin-Groen, Nandini Harihareswara, Leora Klapper, Margaret Miller & Andy Woolnough