The Microfinance and Self-employment Environment for the Socially Excluded: Country Report Sweden

An assessment of Sweden as an appropriate context for self-employment and microenterprises
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This report presents a summary of Sweden's economic data and then assesses the country as an ideal environment for microfinance and self employment against a set of six criteria, assigning for each a rating between 0 and 5. Criteria and corresponding ratings are:

  • Entrepreneurial context (3.0);
  • Policy for micro-enterprises (2.5);
  • Welfare bridge (2.0);
  • Legal framework for microfinance providers (2.0);
  • Financial bridge for the socially excluded (1.5);
  • Funding for microcredit providers (1.5).

The paper concludes that Sweden is exemplar for other European countries in supporting policy measures with a uniform small-business environment in terms of entrepreneurial context, legal framework, tax system and co-operation between the different systems.As per the authors, what Sweden can improve in, compared to other European countries, is creating a constructive debate between the financial, employment and social systems on microcredit and on the role to be played by banks, savings banks, welfare and employment institutions.

About this Publication

By Siewertsen, H., Evers, J., Forster, S. & Inge