Microfinance in China

Presenting the current and possible future states of microfinance within China
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This is a compendium of papers compiled in 2008 by World Microfinance Forum Geneva (WMFG) that describe the present and possible future states of microfinance in China. The compendium is part of the intellectual input into two events that WMFG organized in 2008, namely a workshop on investment in inclusive finance in China, and an international symposium in Geneva on the same topic. 

The papers in the compendium examine policy and regulatory framework, demand and supply of microfinance products and services, and role of networks and patterns of cooperation. These papers can be read on the following pages of the downloadable compendium:

  • Page 2-9: "The Current Situation and Future Prospects for Microfinance in China", Du Xiaoshan;
  • Page 10-15: "The Policy and Legal Framework for Microfinance in China", Sun Tongqan;
  • Page 16-21: "An Analysis of Microfinance Demand in China", He Guangwen;
  • Page 22-31: "The Current Supply of Microfinance Services in China", Du Xiaoshan;
  • Page 32-41: "Chinese Microfinance Networks and Cooperation Patterns", Bai Chengyu;
  • Page 42-53: "Workshop Report: A Glimpse at the Microfinance Industry in China", China Association of Microfinance team.