Mapping the Impact Investing Sector in Brazil

Assessing the potential of the impact investing market in Brazil

This paper aims to analyze the size of the market, understand the types of investments, and provide information about key players and future market trends in the impact investing market in Brazil. The analysis is based on quantitative and qualitative data gathered from a comprehensive group of national and international impact investors active in the country. The study was conducted in three phases: identification of potential impact investors, collection of opinions, and qualitative analysis. The paper covers the following sections in detail:

  • Key data points on the impact investing market with a focus on overview of investors in Brazil, market size and capital invested, and investment landscape in the country;
  • Learnings from the study with a focus on the current situation of impact investing;
  • Future of impact investing with a focus on growth of Brazil’s bottom of the pyramid market, increase in number of investors, and booming entrepreneurship environment;
  • Forecast of the impact investing scenario for the next five years;
  • Limitations of the study and recommendations for the development of the impact investing sector.

About this Publication

By Kuonen, F., Boch, J. & Moreno, J.C.