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Microfinance and COVID-19: Principles for Regulatory Response

Five guiding principles for regulators mitigating the impacts of COVID-19 


Preserving Liquidity: Policymaker Responses to COVID-19 and the Impact on Low-Income Customers

Initial lessons learned and suggestions for dealing with the current and future crises
Case study

Exploring the Political Economics of Microfinance: A Case Study of Uganda (East-Africa), 2000-2005

Analysis of the Ugandan government's 2005 reversal of microfinance policy direction

The Ultimate Balancing Act: Investor Confidence and Regulatory Considerations for Microfinance

How can regulators build investor confidence in microfinance?

Uganda: The Micro Deposit-taking Institutions Act 2003

Statutory provisions for carrying out of microfinance business in Uganda

Uganda: The Financial Institutions Statute, 1993

Statute regulating the activities of financial institutions in Uganda

Regulations of the Bank of Uganda: Policies and Guidelines for the Licensing of Financial Institutions

Licensing conditions for financial institutions defined in Uganda

Uganda: Regulation of the Bank of Uganda: Reporting Requirements from Banks to the Central Bank

Reporting requirements from banks to the Central Bank of Uganda