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Fintech Potential for Remittance Transfers: A Central America Perspective

This paper analyzes the potential for fintech to facilitate cheaper and more efficient remittances, and to enhance financial inclusion in Central America.


Remittance Recipients in Honduras: A Socioeconomic Profile

Overview of survey results from over 5,593 households

Honduras Remittances Assessment: The Role of Remittances Along the Corredor Seco

Findings and recommendations from in-depth interviews about remittance flows in the region
Case Study

Vittana's First 1500 Student Borrowers

Helping poor students access loans for higher education

A Simple Poverty Scorecard for Honduras

A scorecard to estimate poverty rates and track changes in them over time in Honduras
Case Study

Blending Finance, Technology, and Training to Encourage Responsible Growth

Identifying alternative models of resource use for sustainable development
Case Study

Microfinance in Villafranca: Providing Income and Dignity for People Living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA), Tegulcigapa, Honduras

This paper reviews a program that connects people living with HIV with microfinance and job training

Honduras: Recovering from Hurricane Mitch

Strengthening the horticulture sector in post-hurricane Honduras
Guide / Toolkit

Implementing a Computerized Management Information System

A step-by-step guide to implementing a management information system