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Solidarity in Saving: Listening to Women's Needs During Crises

Based on 3,822 (majority women) VSLA member interviews, this brief represents quantitative data from Burundi, Colombia, Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Mali, Niger, and Vietnam.


East Africa Mobile Money Cross-Border Payments: Market Demand Side

Looking at the prevalence, role and nature of cross-border transactions

Scalable, Affordable and Accessible?

Building interoperable payment systems that promote financial inclusion in East Africa

Graduation Model Event: Overview of Discussions

Research findings and discussion points from graduation programs in Burundi and Rwands

Do Microloan Officers Want to Lend to the Less Advantaged? Evidence from a Choice Experiment

Determining the type of clients preferred for microloan allocation
Case Study

Burundi Case Study: Addressing the Drivers of Ethnic Conflict within the Model of Financial Services Delivery

Integrating conflict sensitivity in the design and implementation of financial services delivery

Economic Recovery Amid Conflict Case Studies from AMAP KG: A Synthesis Report

Understanding the broader impact of microfinance in conflict settings