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Guide / Toolkit

Open Finance Self-Assessment Tool and Development Roadmap

This technical guide introduces the open finance self-assessment tool and development roadmap. It provides practical tools for policymakers to use to decide whether to implement an open finance regime to advance financial inclusion.


Rokin Banks’ Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak in Japan

This brief shares details on what special measures Rokin Banks have introduced in response to the pandemic.


Joint Liability Borrowing and Suicide

This paper examines the consequences of repayment failure in case of joint liability borrowing

Guaranty: Where Private Ordering Meets the Legal System

When can joint liability system achieve efficiency?

The Role of Credit Scoring in Small Business Lending

Credit Scoring: Inferences from survey in United States and Japan

Imperfect Information, Social Capital and The Poor's Access to Credit

Microfinance institutions gained success through the trust and mutual support of their field workers

Credit Guarantees: An Assessment of the State of Knowledge and New Avenues of Research

Can innovative approaches solve the debate about credit guarantees?

How CGAP Member Donors Fund Microfinance Institutions

What are the structures, funding instruments, procedures and points of entry within each agency?

Credit Policies: Lessons from East Asia

Reconsideration of the utility of directed credit programs