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Women and Equitable Growth in a Resource-Constrained World

This paper addresses the need to reform the international development finance architecture in ways that expand access to affordable credit for women entrepreneurs in the Global South, especially in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Empowering Rural Women in Mali Through Self-Help Groups

This study highlights the approach used to enable women to access credit and develop income-generating activities that contribute to their empowerment and give them access to microcredit.


A Rapid Analysis of the Gender Intentionality of Africa’s Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)

This paper investigates gender intentionality using several dimensions including gender-responsive budgeting in African NDCs, and explores whether countries are mobilizing and allocating climate finance with a gender lens.


Women Agents for Financial Inclusion: Exploring the Benefits, Constraints, and Potential Solutions

This working paper explores the benefits of having more women agents, the challenges they face, and potential solutions to promote their participation in the DFS ecosystem.


PoWER Assessment of Women’s Economic Empowerment in The Gambia

This document presents the final analysis of data collected through desk research, interviews, focus group discussions, and surveys on women and girls’ financial inclusion in The Gambia.


Enhancing Women’s Economic Empowerment Through Digital Cash Transfers: Digitize/Direct/Design (D3) Criteria - An Application to Tanzania

Diagnostic for Tanzania's national Productive Social Safety Net assistance program

Pro-WEAI Baseline Results from the Initiative Building the Resilience of Vulnerable Communities in Burkina Faso (BRB)

Developing project-level indicators to measure women’s empowerment

Understanding Gender Norms in Rural Burkina Faso: A Qualitative Assessment

Will involving men in women’s empowerment increase project impact?

Microfinance Impact on Poor Rural Women Empowerment: A Household Level Bargaining Analysis

Does access to credit help in empowering poor rural women?

Empowerment of Women in Rural Ethiopia: A Review of Two Microfinance Models

Role of delivery models in women’s empowerment