Microfinance Barometer 2012

Examining microfinance trends in France and around the world
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The third edition of Microfinance Barometer examines global trends in microfinance and key issues in the sector. The publication includes analytical and lobbying articles, and feedback from experiences, which highlight the challenges of microfinance and underline emerging solutions. Microfinance Barometer 2012 focuses on microfinance clients, examining their needs and suggesting ways to meet their expectations. The central leaflet focuses on microfinance clients in France. Microfinance Barometer 2012 also presents international statistics from MIX Market and data from three surveys, which discuss French microfinance actors operating on the international scene, microfinance actors in France, and the perception of microfinance among the French population. Findings include:

  • As of December 2010, MFIs reached 105 million borrowers with outstanding loans of EUR 54 billion;
  • More than 56% of these clients live in South Asia and around 80% are women;
  • MFIs and other stakeholders should employ practices that understand clients and serve them better.

The surveys demonstrate the dynamism of the sector, which continues to grow in value and in the number of beneficiaries. The publication also highlights the World Forum for the Millennium Development Goals to be held in September 2012 by Convergences 2015.

About this Publication

By Severino, J. (Ed.)