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Scaling up Access to Finance in Kigoma, Tanzania

This study shares lessons learned in building financial and digital capability while introducing agricultural technology interventions to savings groups through the UN Kigoma Joint Program.


The Financial Inclusion Compass 2022

This publication is based on a survey (May and June 2022), giving practitioners, funders, researchers, and support service providers the opportunity to evaluate and describe the importance of various current trends as well as rate and opine on future priority areas.


A Brief Introduction to WASH For Impact Investors

This paper introduces the publication of the "Handbook on WASH for Impact Investors", a comprehensive document based on thorough secondary research and interviews with key stakeholders.


A Handbook on WASH for Impact Investors - Part I

Part I of the Handbook aims to improve awareness about the sector and its linkage with the Sustainable Development Goals.


A Handbook on WASH for Impact Investors - Part II

This publication focuses on WASH economy, drawing attention to the existing funding gap, identifying challenges and preconceived ideas about investing in WASH projects and advancing solutions to tackle the identified challenges.

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Agent Networks at the Last Mile: Implications for Financial Regulators

This reading deck for regulators shows how expanding rural Cash-in/Cash-out (CICO) agent networks is key to ensuring more inclusive digital financial systems, illustrates industry innovations that are making rural CICO more viable and presents a set of regulatory considerations that can enable such innovations within a stable financial system. 

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Agent Networks ​at the Last Mile: Implications for Financial​ Service Providers

This deck shares CGAP's and its partners' comprehensive compilation of recent global knowledge about how Cash-in/Cash-Out agent networks operate in different markets so that it can inform a similar dialogue among financial services providers, policy makers and regulators in other countries.

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Agent Networks​ at the Last Mile: Implications for Policy Makers

This reading deck for policy makers shows how rural Cash-in/Cash-out (CICO) agent network expansion is key to ensuring poor people can capture the benefits of digital financial ecosystems and presents a set of policies that have been effective in enabling rural CICO in a way that benefits vulnerable segments.

Case Study

Application of CGAP Customer Outcomes Framework in Uganda

This case study tests the impact of a new basic savings product positioned in the financial inclusion market using the CGAP customer outcome indicator framework.


Bridging the Divide: Skills for Digital Financial Equity and Inclusion

This report explores the challenges and opportunities to achieve equitable and inclusive participation in the digital economy, particularly to create or enhance livelihood opportunities.