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Beyond Wage Digitization: Financial Capability and Economic Empowerment of Cambodian Women Migrant Workers

Findings from a survey of 2,781 participants providing an analysis of the levels of financial awareness, financial behaviors, and economic empowerment of women factory workers in Cambodia.


Challenges and Risk of Microfinance Sustainability Amid COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis


Finance in Displacement: Joint Lessons Report

This study brings to light the challenges forcibly displaced persons face in accessing economic opportunities and puts forth a financial health framework for measuring progress against these challenges.


Financial Consumer Protection During a Crisis

This Guideline Note provides policymakers and regulators with a helpful framework to develop effective consumer protection regulations, inclusive consumer awareness and financial education initiatives to plan for future crises.


Gender Lens Investing Landscape: Gaps, Challenges, and Opportunities in Financial Inclusion for Women

This report provides evidence that while microfinance has been a driver of economic opportunities for underserved women globally, a more well-rounded gender lens investing approach is required to generate the level of impact necessary to truly advance financial inclusion for women.


Gender-Intelligent Fintech Design: How Fintechs Can Capture the Female Economy

This report  quantifies the opportunity cost of not taking a gender-intelligent approach and lays out a map that fintechs can use to improve conversion rates of women through each stage of the funnel, equipping fintechs and their investors to take the steps to win the women’s market.

Case study

How Providers Can Build Products That Improve Financial Health: Examples From Mexico and Chile

This paper shares the key challenges, learnings, and overall results from five case studies in Chile and Mexico, uncovering best practices on how to design for and influence financial health.


Impact Evaluation of Credit Guarantee Schemes in Agriculture

This study aims to assist policymakers, the academia, development agencies or other stakeholders in overcoming the current gap in empirical data on the impact of agricultural partial credit guarantee schemes by providing key information on technical and operational aspects of impact evaluations of credit guarantee schemes in agriculture.


Innovations and Emerging Trends In Agricultural Insurance for Smallholder Farmers – An Update

This report provides an update of the state of agricultural insurance stocktaking conducted in 2016 covering 52 national agricultural insurance programs and two regional programs in 32 low- and middle-income countries.


Insights From the 2021 Inclusive Fintech 50 Applicant Pool

This report examines application data from nearly 300 eligible fintech applicants from the 2021 Inclusive Fintech 50 competition to better understand the state of early-stage fintechs.