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A Research and Learning Agenda for the Impact of Financial Inclusion

Recommendations for funders of impact research, policy makers, and the financial inclusion research community


Adaptive Fund Management in Practice: A Partnership Approach

Learning from the Savings at the Frontier program

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Agent Network Journeys: Country Deep Dives

Detailed country case studies on the agent network journey

Agricultural Finance and the Youth: Prospects for Financial Inclusion in Kenya

Comprehensive assessment of the state of financial inclusion of the rural youth


Bridging the Gap: Emerging Private Sector Response and Recovery Measures for Gender Equality Amid COVID-19

How companies and organizations around the world ensure the economic inclusion and social well-being of their stakeholders


Consumer Protection for Financial Inclusion in Low and Middle Income Countries

Bridging regulator and academic perspectives


Debt Relief in the Pandemic: Lessons From India, Peru, and Uganda

Findings from interviews with key stakeholders and review of publicly available survey data and research


Designing Municipal Cash Transfer Programs to Mitigate the Economic Impact of COVID-19

Analyzing public, private, and nonprofit-led responses to the coronavirus through direct cash assistance


Digital Financial Services in Nigeria: State of the Market Report 2020

Key insights about consumers, providers and regulatory issues

Case study

Digital Financial Services Supervision in Bangladesh

Closer look at Bangladesh’s path to allow for digital innovations that scale