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Case study

Loan Officers and Clients’ Over-Indebtedness Prevention: The Case of Banco Adopem

Examining the potential roles of loan officers in preventing over-indebtedness
Case study

Building a Sustainable Youth Proposition: Lessons from Banco ADOPEM

Analyzing Banco ADOPEM’s approach of designing a youth savings product

The Financial Behavior of Rural Residents: Findings from Five Latin American Countries

Presenting insights into the financial behavior of rural residents in Latin America

A Simple Poverty Scorecard for the Dominican Republic

A scorecard to estimate poverty rates and track changes in them over time in the Dominican Republic

Keeping it Simple: Financial Literacy and Rules of Thumb

Paper presented at CEPR Development Economics Workshop, October 8-9, 2010, Barcelona
Case study

Stemming the Tide of Mission Drift: A Case Study of ADOPEM

How do poverty-focused nonprofit MFIs maintain that focus after becoming for-profit institutions?
Case study

Product Development for Girls: Girls' Saving and Financial Education

Transforming savings behaviour of low-income girls

Loan Officer Manual: Banco Solidario

Training loan officers to avoid client over-indebtedness

The Interaction of Customary Law and Microfinance: Women’s Entry into the World Economy

Examining the interaction between microfinance and customary law

Rural Finance for Small Farmers: An Integrated Approach

Expanding responsively and sustainably into rural areas