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The Growth and Performance of Affordable Housing Finance Lenders in India

Using several classification techniques, the paper assesses the growth and performance of affordable housing finance companies across the country.


The Impact of Housing Microfinance: An Independent Institutional and Social Impact Evaluation of Two Housing Microfinance Products in South India

Findings and recommendations on social impact and performance of housing microfinance products

Inclusive Finance for Housing: Exploring Viable Business Models

Investigating issues faced by MFIs in developing housing microfinance products

How Can Microfinance for Housing, Land, and Infrastructure Catalyze Slum Improvements and New Settlements?

Paper presented at the 2011 Global Microcredit Summit, November 14-17, 2011, Valladolid, Spain
Guide / Toolkit

Operational Guidelines for Sustainable Housing Microfinance

Guidelines for MFIs to add housing finance to their existing line of services

Low Income Shelter Finance in Slum Upgrading: India Urban Initiatives

Models of financing slum upgrading in India

Housing Microfinance: Designing a Product for the Rural Poor

Discusses the potential of providing housing finance to the poor through microfinance institutions.