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Banking on Women Who Trade Across Borders

Drawing from interviews across Africa and Latin America, this report explores the challenges faced by female entrepreneurs and proposes solutions. 


Beyond Access: A Look Into the Drivers of Long-term Financial Health

Through a combination of qualitative interviews, customer surveys and analysis of data from over 3.6 million Nubank customers, this research gathered a rich set of insights to inform how we can collectively close the gap between account access and a sense of sustainable financial security and health. 

Guide / Toolkit

Open Finance Self-Assessment Tool and Development Roadmap

This technical guide introduces the open finance self-assessment tool and development roadmap. It provides practical tools for policymakers to use to decide whether to implement an open finance regime to advance financial inclusion.


The Building Blocks Supporting Open Finance

This working paper introduces the concept of an inclusive data ecosystem as one where low-income people’s data trails are used to improve their financial inclusion.

Journal Article

The Impact of Regulation Governance on Financial System Efficiency: The Importance of Consumer Behavior

This study focuses on the value structure that correlates improvements in the financial services consumer’s decision-making quality with the development of their autonomy.

Case Study

Case Brief: ALM Seguros

This case brief covers the journey of ALM Seguros, which sells microinsurance through traditional brokers, but also non-traditional channels.


Social Protection During the Pandemic: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico

How have policy responses mitigated the impact of the pandemic on poverty in the region?


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Frontier Agents: Case Studies from Brazil, India, Mexico, and Tanzania

Innovative approaches by public and private sector actors in tackling the challenges faced by DFS agents
Case Study

Proportionality in Practice: Disclosure of Information

Supervisor’s perspectives on the rationale, design and implementation of regulation

Digital Finance for All: Powering Inclusive Growth in Emerging Economies

Quantifying the potential economic and social impact of digital finance