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Inclusive Digital Economy Scorecard (IDES) - Tonga 2022

The inclusive digital economy scorecard is a policy tool to help governments set the priorities for their countries’ digital transformation.


Building Value in Microfinance Through Digitization: A Role for Funders

Funders play a crucial role in ensuring that microfinance institutions (MFIs) continue to serve the most excluded and underserved customers in the future. This note highlights the importance of funders in supporting the digital transformation of MFIs.


Building Value in Microfinance Through Digitization: Lessons from Loan Automation Pilots

To address the hope and frustration brought about by digitization, CGAP identified and tested five core principles for successful implementation.


Finding Value in Generative AI for Financial Services

This report examines the early impact of generative AI within the financial sector, where it is starting to be applied, and the barriers that need to be overcome in the long run for its successful deployment. 


The Digital Transformation of Small and Micro-Businesses in Bangladesh

This report provides an analysis of the second phase of the Build Back Better—Enhancing Recovery and Resilience of Small and Micro-Businesses (SMB) project in Bangladesh since 2020.

Guide / Toolkit

Money Purse Handbook

This handbook examines the potential of digital transformations for last-mile financial inclusion institutions like self-help groups and how that can impact their efficiency and accountability.


Business Intelligence: A Bedrock of Successful Digitization in Microfinance

Microfinance institutions that successfully generate value for their business and customers through digitization anchor these efforts in business intelligence. This Technical Note outlines an approach for improving business intelligence with interventions that require minimum or no investment in technology.


MFI Digitization in Central America’s Northern Triangle: The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

This paper presents findings from a study to assess microfinance sector digitization, and shares valuable recommendations to prepare the sector for the potential digital divide ahead.


Steven Duchatelle, CEO of Advans Group, on His Company's Digital Transformation

This podcast shares Advans' experience of digital transformation, how it drives efficiency and customer outreach, along with potential obstacles to such transformation and the impact on Advans' social mission.


Banking in Layers: Five Cases to Illustrate How the Market Structure for Financial Services is Evolving

Exploring the market-level modularization of financial services through case studies featuring new models that are emerging, how they are coming about, and what they mean for the financial inclusion of low-income people in emerging markets and developing economies.