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Steven Duchatelle, CEO of Advans Group, on His company's Digital Transformation

This podcast shares Advans' experience of digital transformation, how it drives efficiency and customer outreach, along with potential obstacles to such transformation and the impact on Advans' social mission.


Banking in Layers: Five Cases to Illustrate How the Market Structure for Financial Services is Evolving

Exploring the market-level modularization of financial services through case studies featuring new models that are emerging, how they are coming about, and what they mean for the financial inclusion of low-income people in emerging markets and developing economies.

Case Study

A Case Study on Connecting With Low-income Customers Through Digitalisation

This case study draws upon management consulting literature to assess digitalization strategies and evaluates three leading financial organizations in Morocco, Kenya and Ghana against this framework.

Case Study

Digital Transformation to Alleviate Poverty of the Poor People

The objective of this study is to explain the role Al-Amal Microfinance Bank online services played amid the pandemic.


State of the Economy: Focus on Digitisation and the Impact of COVID-19 on MSEs

In Kenya, the trend of divergent impact continues, with macroeconomic resilience masking sustained inequalities and divergence in recovery.

Guide / Toolkit

The Digital Transformation Guide

Through real examples of implementation experiences across FSP partners, this guide unpacks six key strategies that financial inclusion-focused institutions need to keep in mind as they progress down the path of digital transformation.


The Power of Mobile to Accelerate Digital Transformation in Pakistan

A look at the increasingly important role of mobile technology in digital financial services

Field Staff Digitalization - A Decade of Key Lessons Learned in Microfinance

Sharing insights from the process of helping MFIs digitalize their field operations

Charting the Customer Journey in the Digital Age

Addressing technical, operational and regulatory challenges to provide a streamlined journey

Digital Transformation of MFIs in Bangladesh

Opportunities, challenges and way forward