Financial Inclusion in Papua New Guinea


This report describes PICAP’s approach towards achieving and mainstreaming gender equality and social inclusion to ensure that women and the most vulnerable are fully represented in climate disaster risk financing products (e.g., parametric insurance).

Case Study

This study examines Women's Micro Bank Limited and UNCDF's design of a branchless banking solution, the Mama Bank Access Point initiative, which serves unbanked women in rural Papua New Guinea. 

Slide Deck

This research provides insights on the disproportionate need and strategic opportunity for improving the lives and livelihoods of rural women.

News & Events

Members of the financial inclusion community contributed the following news and events.


Papua New Guinea: West New Britain Province First to Sign Mou With CEFI to Advance Financial Inclusion

Papua New Guinea: Moves to Protect Consumers from Unfair Financial Practices

Banking With A Thumbprint at Women’s Microbank Ltd.