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Papua New Guinea Annual Benchmark Report

This report includes key financial and operational indicators that provide a country overview, indicator level performance and institutional details.


Annual Benchmark Report on the Microfinance Sector of Papua New Guinea for FY 2015

Analyzing the financial and operational performance of 9 financial service providers

Annual Benchmark Report for Papua New Guinea - FY2014

Review of financial, operational and social performance of microfinance institutions

Mobile Transparency? Financial Inclusion, Mobile Money & Papua New Guinea's Resources Sector

Strengthening mobile money ecosystems around PNG’s mining, oil and gas regions
Case study

Papua New Guinea: The Limits of the Mobile Payments Model

Case study on the Post PNG's mobile domestic remittance service and the obstacles encountered

Building Supervisory Capacity to Create Inclusive Insurance Markets in the Pacific

Enabling supervisors to increase insurance penetration in the Pacific region

The National Informal Economy Policy 2011-2015

Stimulating the informal economy in Papua New Guinea

Financial Services Models in Papua New Guinea: Increasing Access to Finance in Rural Areas

Assessing business models for provision of financial services

A National Policy for the Informal Economy in Papua New Guinea

Improving livelihoods of poor households through informal income-generating opportunities

Risky Business in Bougainville: Implementing Microfinance in Post-Conflict Environments

The challenges in operations