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Case study

Reserve Bank of Fiji’s Experience With Financial Inclusion and Climate Change

Will fostering financial inclusion ease the transition to a low-carbon economy?

The Road to Launching "Bundled Microinsurance" in Fiji: Key Lessons

Fiji’s journey toward creating an industry-backed insurance project

National Financial Inclusion Strategic Plan 2016–2020

Roadmap for moving Fijians from informal to formal financial services

Building Supervisory Capacity to Create Inclusive Insurance Markets in the Pacific

Enabling supervisors to increase insurance penetration in the Pacific region

Microinsurance in Fiji: An Evaluation of Demand for Insurance

Assessing the scope of the microinsurance market in Fiji

Can Fiji's MFIs Be Sustainable?

Identifying challenges to sustainability of MFIs in Fiji

Employer-Based Credit Unions and Co-operatives in Fiji: A Missed Opportunity for Financial Inclusion

Promoting financial inclusion through member based financial institutions in Fiji

Financial Capability, Financial Competence and Wellbeing in Rural Fijian Households

Improving financial competence for efficient management of household income