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Case Study

Using Pay-for-Results to Catalyze Affordable Housing Development

This case study analyzes the Haiti Homeownership and Mortgage Expansion program’s methodology for designing its Pay-for-Results incentive structure, its results, and lessons learned.

Case Study

Saving Cash, Saving Lives

The experiences of Haitian savings groups during COVID-19


Fonkoze’s CLM Ultra Poverty Programme

Understanding and improving child development and child well-being

Pathways to Sustained Exit From Extreme Poverty

Evidence from Fonkoze’s extreme poverty ‘graduation’ program

Targeting the Ultra-Poor

Lessons from Fonkoze’s Graduation Program in Haiti
Case Study

Final Evaluation: Chemen Lavi Miyó for Persons with Disabilities (CLMD)

Documenting a collaboration between Fonkoze and a university distance learning program
Guide / Toolkit

Guide to the Use of Digital Financial Services in Agriculture

Tool for identifying chronic value chain challenges and corresponding solutions

Electronic G2P Payments: Evidences from Four Lower-Income Countries

Providing measures for electronic government-to-person payments in less developed countries

Sustaining Graduation: A Review of The CLM Program in Haiti

Assessing the sustainability of benefits from Chemen Lavi Miyo Program in Haiti
Case Study

Evaluation of First-Year Results: Fonkoze's Kore W Natural Catastrophe Insurance for Haitian Microentrepreneurs

Examining the performance of microinsurance in Haiti